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♥ Grandma ♥

Today is my grandma’s birthday. I phoned her and she was really happy and seemed to be very excited. My aunt sent her flowers, the people dearest to her visited and she ended the day in style with a glass of sparkling wine!

Why am I writing about that? Well, she made it her goal to live until I graduate…. That sounds very morbid and weird, if not creepy, but I really think she sets herself goals to keep her going. If it wouldn’t be me she would find something else to claim. But it still makes me thinking…I am the first in the family who went to University, so it is kind of a big deal to finish this. If I graduate, find a job and have security, she can die a happy woman. Right now she is always concerned for my future. So I really hope that I can make her happy soon….not that I want her to die 😉

Regarding my progress: Today I went to the library and somebody blocked the section I wanted to search in. So I wandered around and accidentally stumbled upon a few excellent books which I hope to use in my thesis. Seems to be a “happy accident”!



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