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Procrastinating in style

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There are days when I wake up, head aching, my mind already running through the workload of the day, terrified of the things lying ahead of me and terrified of the things I didn’t do the day before. Because the day before I couldn’t care less and didn’t manage anything other than extending my knowledge of the newest BBC adaptations of Victorian dramas. Funny, the comments always say what I think: “I should do homework now, but am too pulled in by this delicious drama hero, who surely will give me wet dreams tonight.” Maybe the wet dream part is exaggerating it, but there are also enough comments about wanting to eat up the lead actor, imagining him kissing you and running one’s hands through his particularly flashy hair. It’s funny that there is an insatiable appetite for gentleman-like drama heroes. And then there are the comments: “Why aren’t there any Mr. Darcy’s in this day and age?”, “Please marry me Mr. Darcy.” and on and on it goes. I imagine that those viewers are a load of thesis-procrastinating girls who just want to escape the rough reality of having to finish ones’ thesis over the course of a few months. Wouldn’t it be nice to get hold of a Mr. Darcy, who would take care of you, and you only have to play the piano, attend balls and recite Shakespeare ever again? Guilty as charged, even I have those thoughts. But only for the flicker of a moment. Because then I treasure my freedom, which I surely wouldn’t have enjoyed in 1830, too much…going out alone, kissing my boyfriend on the street (how unladylike!), having revolutionary thoughts (like women working and being successful, oh my god!) and being all for gender equality and the abolition of barriers in society.  But I am appalled that in this day and age, there are still girls out there only thinking about marrying the right man, which is demonstrated by lengthy posts about how to score a wealthy man. Every fiber of my emancipated self is crunching at the thought of those girls. We really should finish up our thesis’s and not depend on men! I know I now am only bitching…again procrastinating. I for one really only watch those Dramas for pleasure and to get rid of the gnawing thoughts of self-destruction. Which isn’t very healthy too…maybe I am an even more pathetic version of girls lusting after a Drama hero and I am the one to be bitched about…They should make a Drama about procrastinating heroes and explore the trials and tribulations of writing a thesis without getting lost on the way 😉 So now, I will again focus on the third page of my pathetic little thesis…and maybe I can watch a little Drama afterwards, as a reward…and then cuddle my own Mr. Darcy 🙂


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