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How to look like an ajumma

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So, I went to the hairdresser the other day to get a new cut for summer. Who doesn’t want to look radiant and fresh and ready for summer?!

First, I want to say that never in my life did I get the “perfect cut” and never in my life did I have the “perfect hair”. Going to the hairdresser is a necessity for me, it is not something where I expect some miracle hairdo or something. But apart from that, even I have some standards. With my new do I lost my mojo completely. I wonder, do more expensive hairdressers actually listen to you? Because if so, next time I will shill out some money for not having to run around with awkward hair for a few months. But since I can only afford quantity, the hairdresser of the cheap category of hairdressers just didn’t listen to me and just cut away. Recklessly, with no chance to object. The thing is, yeah, this hairdresser is doing her job at bad pay, cutting countless heads a day and for her it must feel like just another ugly head coming by. I understand! This was not the kind of hairdresser where they massage your head for half an hour, talk about your wishes for another half hour and serve coffee in between. But wouldn’t it be nice if students like me could also get a fabulous haircut for little money?

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To be sure, I don’t worry about my hair all day long and instead focus on my thesis. The way it should be 😉 But trying to fix my haircut every morning and looking at this thing on my head everyday is just frustrating. At first I didn’t even mind, after all if it is shorter I don’t need to go to the hairdresser that often (one has to be positive 😉 ) I tend to think of myself as being not too vain (I am aware that I am totally contradicting myself here with this post…well…) I generally don’t have issues with short hair. But what I wanted is very different from what I got.

The normal deviation from my wishes and the actual do is about 30%. In this case, it was like 90%, which is a new low for me. Even my five-year old me, who already experienced fugly haircuts, is crying out! I wanted to have some kind of pixie cut, but only as short as my neck. Then I wanted layers and said that they should  not be shorter than my ears. Well, now the first layer is like 5cm. Which is pretty short and far away from my ears. It was not what I wanted and it’s just hopeless.

I knew something was wrong when even others pointed out the peculiarity of my haircut, even after an hour of styling trying to look somewhat “normal”. When one of my classmates pointed out that I looked like an “ajumma” (that’s what you call Korean middle-aged women) I was actually thankful to him. This pretty much sums up how I look right now!

PS: I know apologies are due that I write about something as vain as my hairstyle. Even the positive side in me has weak moments. And I realize that if I had put as much energy in my thesis as I put in complaining about my hair, I would already have graduated three times. But complaining about haircuts is so much easier 😉 And it really bugs me that this bugs me so much, but unfortunately it does…waiting for my mojo to come back…


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  1. Don’t apologize. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve tried for the cute Pixie cut and ended up with the grandma haircut so many times that it stopped being funny. Could put a bowl on my head and do better. I’ve considered going to Europe just to get a decent hair cut. How vain is that? 🙂

    • Grandma hair also describes it perfectly! I never heard of somebody thinking that Europe has better hairdressers 🙂 That is really funny! Maybe Britain or somewhere… I think the lack of expertise with cutting the perfect pixie cut is a worldwide phenomenon 😉 If I find a decent hairdresser here in Vienna I get back to you 😉 So if you really consider coming here for hairdressers, choose wisely and start to save! Or better come to Europe just for fun 🙂 And thanks for reading my posts!


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