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Drinking presentation

I am having a presentation tomorrow. I know about this for some time now but naturally, I only began this afternoon. Yeah…it wouldn’t be that hard if the presentation wasn’t in Korean. Sigh…what should become of me?

The presentation is about Korea’s drinking culture. Which is a cool topic. But I don’t know what to say anymore and I am only half through with it. What should I say except that Koreans really like to drink, their national drink is Soju and they believe in drinking as a way to get to know each other better. Which is not too far away from the drinking culture in Austria. Except that the national drinks here are beer and wine. It’s almost embarrassing how proud Austria is of its wine when France is considered the “better” wine country….another blow to Austria’s self-confidence. I like the take of Koreans to get wasted and not be embarrassed of it, vomiting everywhere and getting dragged home. Now that is the way to get wasted!

Well…I hope I am able to pull together a decent presentation tomorrow. Maybe I should fix myself a drink…well…cheers 😉


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  1. So how’d the presentation go? 🙂

    The 3.5 months I lived in South Korea weren’t enough to develop a taste for soju. Then again, I’m not much for alcohol not involving three key words: “India,” “pale” and “ale.”

    • In the end it went pretty well actually, also because I inserted a half naked woman advertising for soju in my presentation 😉 Soju really is something else… I actually had to google your India Pale Ale which to me also sounds to have an interesting taste 😉
      I am humbled that you stopped by my little blog when you only just got freshly pressed! Thanks!

      • Your tactical use of advertising made me laugh. 😀

        I know most my friends don’t enjoy India Pale Ale, but I love how bitter and strong its flavor is! There’s a rare day where I want something a little gentler on my taste buds, but that’s really rare.

        It was fun being Freshly Pressed, but I’m glad to be back to tag-surfing. There’s just so much neat stuff to find by seeing what other folks tag under “life.”

  2. No judgment there, I like girls with bitter taste buds 😉 I dig bitter too 🙂

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