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“But I wanna look at the stars…”

I’m an avid fan of stars. As a kid, I even listed “looking at stars” as my hobby in autograph books. To check out those stars and get a first-hand impression, I booked a tour to one of the observatories in Vienna. Last week, it was raining and the sky was pretty clouded, but our guides informed us via e-mail that we nevertheless could have our tour. But when we arrived, those clouds hadn’t gone away, like they were convinced of in the afternoon. It was very disappointing, we couldn’t look at anything else but clouds. Children were crying, desperate father’s yearned for amusement for their children, couples were crying out that their romantic evening was ruined, chaos ensued.

I wanna look through that 😦 via

Yeah…it wasn’t like that. But it could have been 😉 Despite this throwback, I optimistically booked another tour for today. Today it couldn’t have been sunnier and I was really excited to finally see stars in the evening. Well, until half an hour ago. The tour isn’t happening 😦 Those clouds are coming back and we would not see anything. This is tragic! I think heaven doesn’t want me to look at it. But I’m not gonna give in … Maybe someone could put in a good word for me with heaven … Please, please let me have a look next week! I’ll be good …

That's the place ... I console myself with the fact that I've been to the tower ... via


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  1. Since I been back for a week now, I have notice the weather is sheiss. I hope by next weeks the weather is decent enough for yo to look upon the stars.

    • I hope next week will be the week 😉 Yeah, this summer isn’t really nice. But it’s good for me. Writing the thesis when it’s raining outside is a lot easier than if it would be sunny and everybody would go swimming without me 😉 Thanks for reading!

  2. This happened to me twice last year at events where the local astronomy club had set up their scopes and invited the public to come. So disappointing, so I know how you feel. I live on the east coast of the US, which is not a good place to see stars. Several years ago when we went out west to Arizona, Nevada and Utah I thought I would see stars but WRONG, it was cloudy all 10 days we were there :-(. This spring my husband lured me to his hunting cabin with the promise I would see owls and stars. Didn’t happen. At least you were in that beautiful building.

    • Wow, no clear sky for ten days straight is pretty disappointing! So I can consider myself lucky it only happened twice to me 😉 The sky is quite headstrong! Didn’t think it would be that hard to look at some stars …

  3. These are great photos.


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