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Treasures from my grandmother’s house

So, I’ve been to the house and took out a few things that I liked. Some of it very tacky. Stuff I wouldn’t buy myself, but since I know that one of my grandparents owned it, it’s making it cool by association! It’s a lot more meaningful to me than I thought. It’s not that much of a burden anymore. It rather became fun. And I still discover new things about my grandparents. They must have been lots of fun to be around. And I still get messages from my grandmother 😉 I’ve taken home a cute little vase and inside I found the letter: “This vase is not waterproof” to warn future owners. It cracked me up. So thoughtful!

To the three readers who read my post about the secretary 🙂 This is the one:

In my imagination, the secretary was in much better shape. And as it turns out, there is no built-in ceramic picture. I don’t know where that came from. Maybe it was just a picture standing there? I don’t know. It’s just weird. I’m actually even more glad now that my cousin took it, since future people who would rent the house would have definitely thrown it out. And I would have been overwhelmed with the work of restoring it. Instead, I took lots of pictures! (As I realized just now, blurry ones, but you get an impression…I hope) An item I took out of the secretary: A stapler that’s very beautiful to look at. And fully functional! Just saw a similar one in a store for 65€. Can you believe that?!

This kitchen scale is very dirty, but very cool! I won’t use it, I think. I display it in my bookshelf right now.

This is something I never would have known. This “box” was standing in my grandmother’s bedroom where I also spent some nights as a child.

But I never knew what it was, let alone noticed it.

It’s a sewing machine 🙂 Very clever!

We found this love letter from 1939 that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother. It is beyond romantic and I never knew this side of him. As I understand it, he was a very quiet man, somehow artsy and he supposedly never talked about his feelings. My mom has inherited this quality. She probably never heard one “I love you” from him, but he certainly showed his affection in other ways much more meaningful. She oftentimes tells me this wonderful story of the two of them going to church. Every Sunday after church, my grandfather treated my mom to a pair of sausages at the local inn. He only drank a glass of cheap wine or something, since money was scarce. He must have been hungry himself, after all, they had to go by foot for about half an hour or something. But he let her gain strength, since the journey home was much more arduous as they lived on a mountain. I think that’s why my mom is so persistent in going to church every Sunday her whole life. It makes me beyond sad that he died so early so that I didn’t know him. Not for me, but for my mom. She always wanted us to know what a person he was, but I, being an ignorant child, didn’t sense the scope of her sadness. But through the process of clearing out the house, I hope my mom knows that I care now. You see, I also inherited the thing to communicate feelings through actions rather than through words 😉 Moving on 🙂

That china was standing somewhere in the house for decades and nobody paid attention. It was too precious to use. Somehow, my mom doesn’t even know where it’s from but she insisted on me taking it and almost yelled at me when I said that I don’t care much for it. I don’t even drink coffee. But since she didn’t want one of my cousins to take it, it just changed location and is now standing in my old room at my mom’s house. Makes sense 😉

Surprisingly enough, one of my cousins asked me for exactly that porcelain when the family had its last getting together in the house. That was very strange and my mom was delighted and gave me the “I told you so!” face for having had the foresight to force me to take it. Lastly, that button box is just too cute and I’m sure my grandfather made it himself.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the wonderful nature in August 🙂


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  1. I love the tea set, weight scale, and staple. I just love all things and not so much modern.

    • Then you would love the house 🙂 There’s so much other stuff I didn’t even photograph. Maybe I’ll make another post about it! Thanks for reading!

      • No need to thank me. That is all I do is ready or chat. Plus I like your blog. MMP I know that you don’t have much space but I am sure you will take an item of your love one. What do you plan to keep and may I ask why? Or better yet I can wait for a post about it if you plan to do so.

        It is funny but not in a laughing matter how everything holds memories. A song, a smell, a way a person touch you, the way a person walk, eat, or drink, and also in objects.

      • “It is funny but not in a laughing matter how everything holds memories. A song, a smell, a way a person touch you, the way a person walk, eat, or drink, and also in objects.” That is so true!
        I kept lots of small items like tableware we used when I visited my grandma. Lots of simple things. Also a bag she always took with her when she visited with us. The first thing we did was opening up the bag and look for the sweets she brought us 🙂 The bag in itself is not very charming but the memories are just so precious! I also found a lighter in the shape of a beerglass from my granddad. I didn’t even know he was a smoker and that lighter is too funny! Maybe I’ll do another post 🙂 I would like to thank you anyway for liking my blog 🙂

  2. Love this post…I had to clean out my mom’s place after she died and I still have items in my home now that I have no idea what to do with…just couldn’t bear to get rid of them at the time because of the memories. My daughter now has mom’s sewing machine and chest and mom’s ‘hope chest’, and that makes me happy because I know mom would be happy about it.
    Keep up the great writing…I’ll be back to read more.

    • I can totally understand. I also kept stuff that I don’t know what to do with. My grandparents just had so many lovely things 😉 I gave lots of stuff to my cousins, aunts and uncles because I feel weird keeping the stuff to me when they all had so many lovely memories with them. It was nice seeing how everyone related some stories when looking at simple things like dishes too. Thanks for reading and I would love if you came back 🙂

  3. These were in your grandmother’s house? Still today? It’s a sort of museum with all those pieces. What I wouldn’t give for another chance to go back to my grandmother’s house and bring her treasures back with me, treasures that all tell stories of a time and its people. Lucky you!

    • Yeah it’s a bit weird that the house was kept like this up until now. My grandmother died in 2006 and my mom didn’t have the heart to do something with the house. So she drew out the task of clearing out the house to me 😉 It really is a museum and I love to go there and find new stuff everytime! Thanks for reading! And subscribing!

  4. It is strange the things we learn about someone once they’re gone eh? I have been taking my dad’s room in stages since all at once is still all a bit too much and the tiny little bits of my childhood I have stumbled across have me teary eyed but full up with love…

    • Very true! I can imagine that it’s a lot tougher to clear up the house of a dad than a grandmother, though … Take your time … I wish you all the best and I hope that you find many lovely things!

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  6. What a lovely post. I just love the tea set, stapler, and sewing machine.

    And the note in the vase is too cute and funny!

    • Thank you! I still found so much other stuff since we are in the last stages of cleaning out the house. Feels a bit sentimental 😉 I find the note so cute and funny too. Only this weekend I found another one, also from 1989. Must have been the year of notes for my grandma 🙂

  7. Please use this porcelain. It is divine! The porcelain holds the fingerprints of the spirits of your ancestors. Very special indeed. The sewing machine!!How great! And the staple machine…Treasures!

    • I’m still thinking about how I could use the porcelain. I’m actually afraid of breaking something 🙂 Maybe I’ll use it when I’m older.
      It’s pretty cool that there’s still so much left. Last time I took out socks that my grandmother knitted herself. Wearing them gives me a real fuzzy feeling…It’s the little things 🙂

      • Why not have a writer’s schnajazzle- (that’s my word for shazamming, jamming, jazz, & dazzle), a brainstorming hookup for spoken word readings of each individual’s literary work or a Thesis Writer’s 24 Hour Time Out? How cozy and great that would be to creatively exchange over a pot luck soup cradled by that fabulous porcelain piece…Then later served russian tea (simmered black or green tea, tang powder, lemon slices, orange slices, cloves, honey) or tea of your choice in those exquisite tea cups.
        So sweet that you have your grandmom’s knitted socks. I have an Indian motif blanket that my Grandmom gave be before she passed…Interestingly enough, my husband(he adored my Grandmom) keeps it near him.

  8. You are way more creative than I am. That’s such a great idea and I love the word schnajazzle! I think clothes or blankets or that kind of stuff are on a whole other level. They have some kind of spirit upon them and it’s great to have such things of loved ones!


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