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Aliens to me

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There are not many people I don’t like, loathe or even hate. However, there are some. I always try to think that everybody has somebody who loves them, cares for them and that everybody has good sides. Still there are some people who disturb me. Yesterday I discovered that one of the guys whom I particularly don’t like…don’t want to say “hate” because that comes off too strong….landed a dream job at a University in China. The thing with this guy is, I only met him two or three times, but the loathing was mutual. He is one of those guys who think highly of themselves only because their father is a doctor (add lawyer or anything else where you need a degree…in Austria you are godlike). This isn’t their fault. They are brought up that way and don’t get to see the whole picture, I get that. But what I don’t understand is when those guys hold up their views of superiority well into their 20s. He is one of those guys who smile into your face and you can see clearly what they think of you…which is the complete opposite. He is one of those guys who think that it isn’t the fault of society but the fault of individuals to be homeless, failing in school or not earning much money. He is one of those guys who don’t broaden their horizon, enjoy every possible advantage in life and don’t care about people outside of their world. They move in a society where everything is managed by nepotism, friends and the people they know. He is one of those guys who look down on Chinese although living there for three years, who still buy “European” bread there although this means a 3 hour ride to the outskirts of the city because “Chinese don’t know how to make bread”, who go to Western clubs in China and are angry if anybody assumed they are native English speakers because they are white and who have a Chinese girlfriend not because of love but to learn the language. Maybe they don’t even learn Chinese, just study a few phrases to pick up girls and only have Western friends there, but still moan about foreigners in their native country who cannot speak the country’s language, or who only move in their circles and don’t adapt to the society they live in. He looks down on you for having other views, he eats your food without thanking you, he talks loudly and doesn’t care if you want to make a point. However, if you are friends with some “hot” girls, he is fast to be your best friend and wants to weasel his way to them through you. He is just arrogant and doesn’t give you any hint of a good side. He is not afraid to approach professors or any bigwigs because he was brought up to think they are as good as him, not better than you, like the average Austrian is taught to think. And because of this attitude, he comes off as intelligent or as a “man of action”. I tend to think this is only because foreigners cannot classify this species. Especially Chinese cannot differ which attitude is just plain arrogant or which smile is sincere. After all, arrogance is perceived different in different cultures, so I can understand.

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Still I hate that he weaseled his way into such a great job. I know I cannot judge, but how the heck does he get on with people?! I know that only qualifications count, and I am sure his are good. But when I think about him doing research on social inequality or something, I have to barf.

I want to add that I don’t want to generalize. I met a lot of sweet people who don’t think highly of themselves only because of their parents. Nevertheless, I want to stress that the chance of becoming arrogant with this group of people is higher than the average, especially in Austria, where people with degrees are treated different from other groups of people. This is a special group of people and I met this type a lot of times already, and this also applies to girls by the way, and the pattern is always the same. Or it is just my experience.