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Fresh Start!

Since I “procrastinated” my way through three months of summer vacation, it seems to be time to start afresh and with a little bit of pressure… It is very frightening to think about the time after graduation and the terrifying thought of being thrown into the “working world” which I still cannot grasp. But it is very childish to hold on to the thought of studying forever only because I am afraid of never finding a job… I will never know if I do not graduate… I need to finish my master thesis in April of 2011, not only for my sanity but also for the sanity and monetary health of my mother… My wish was to graduate at 25… It would be my personal failure to turn 26 without finishing anything substantial in my life. April gives me a buffer of one month, and I really hope must pull it off! Starting tomorrow I will begin to research, read, write and think “academically”, and this time for real! So let the journey begin!